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April 2013  

President's Report

One of the hardest things for the human heart to comprehend is accepting someone else really loving you for who you are and accepting you for who you are. To me, the most incredible thing about God’s love is that He really loves me for who I am. There aren’t any pretenses on His love saying, “If you do this I’ll love you,” but instead He loves you with an incredible love that just reaches into your heart. Why He does that? It’s one of the mysterious things about who God is and how is He able to love like no one else in this world? People always have some angle of pleasing somebody or there may be some catch to a relationship, but not God. He loves me innocently, massively. There are six plus billion people in this world, and He loves you as if you were the only one. To me, that’s the heart of God’s message and that’s the reason Jesus came. In order for us to see that love, He came to reveal who His Father was. It’s all about His love; it’s all about His incredible capacity to wrap His arms around us, no strings attached.

God has created everything, yet has allowed us to make choices that ultimately end up being bad, that result in evil, pain and suffering. The only way that we can explain that is that God doesn’t interfere with our choices. In following the things that God tells me to do, in the scripture through principles and commandments, I begin to live my life by it; and though evil can still penetrate my life, there’s a greater protection, still, I have a better ability to handle it. I don’t see suffering as being inconsistent with a loving God. I see a loving God that’s allowed us to make the choices that we make even though sometimes they result in pretty bad consequences.

Whenever you read something in the Bible where God says don’t do this, He’s not trying to spoil your fun. He in His great wisdom knows there’s something on the other side of that line that will hurt you if you go there and it is out of His immense, amazing love that He puts boundaries in place for us.” Even the boundaries in scripture help us today because we know that there’s something on the other side that will help us. Everything in scripture helps us in someway, because it is God breathed, it is written by God Himself, to the people He loves.

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